Writing Prompt Results: Misheard Lyrics

The other day, I came upon Writer’s Digest’s list of “81 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers” and thought it would be an interesting challenge to use them as prompts for posts on this blog. The first prompt that caught my eye was to use one of the misheard lyrics from your life as the title of a piece of creative writing.

In the 1980s, my sister and I loved to watch Solid Gold. In one episode, Adam and the Ants performed “Stand and Deliver.” We couldn’t figure out what he was saying. I knew it was odd, but it sounded like he was saying, “Stand In Your Liver.” So that’s the title of this little scene from misheard lyrics.

Writing Prompt Results: Misheard Lyrics

Stand In Your Liver

Prometheus struggled mightily as Force and Violence chained him to the rock, high in the Caucasus Mountains. But as the last lock bound the adamanite chains, he knew he was unbreakably bound.

He glowered at Zeus. He had no more words for the god, only raw contempt.

Zeus held out his right arm and a hawking glove materialized. Soon, the sound of wings flapping interwove with the rustle of wind in a nearby tree that still clung to the last of its autumn leaves.

And then he saw it, the Aetos Kaukasios. Now that it was closer, Prometheus could hear the faint sound of bronze gears shifting and cogwheels turning against each other as the Hephaestion automaton gently landed upon the glove on Zeus’ arm.

“Will you now tell me who will give birth to my usurper?” Zeus said.

Prometheus didn’t move a muscle.

“So be it,” Zeus said. He jerked his arm ever so slightly and the giant eagle lifted off and came at Prometheus.

He screamed as the eagle’s beak hit the upper right area of his abdomen, breaking the flesh. The eagle twisted and tore until he had in his beak what he was after … Prometheus’ liver.

The eagle ripped it out and threw it at Prometheus’ feet.

As the wound in his side slowly knitted itself back together, Prometheus looked at the bloody organ lying across one foot.

“This bronze eagle will tear out your liver over and over again,” said Zeus. “He will throw them at your feet and feast upon them when he is hungry. And you will remain here until one of two conditions are met.”

Zeus looked at Prometheus a moment.

His side was fully healed. The eagle let out a metallic cry and went after Prometheus’ side again.

Prometheus screamed in agony as the bird tore his flesh but quickly regained his composure.

“What are your conditions?” he said.

“Tell me my usurper’s mother’s name.”

“I will not. What is the other condition?”

“You stubborn fool!” Zeus spat the words with anger. “If you will not give me her name, then an immortal must volunteer to die in your place and a mortal must slay the Aetos Kaukasios.”

Zeus relished the look of hope dying upon Prometheus’ face.

“Until then, you must bear the pain of the eagle’s feasting and stand in your liver for eternity.”

Force and Violence laughed. Zeus turned away and the three of them left Prometheus alone as the sun slowly set.

NOTE: This is not the first time I have referred to Prometheus in my writing. Check this out.

“Stand and Deliver” by Adam and the Ants

Now that I know what he was actually saying, I no longer hear the misheard lyrics “stand in your liver.” That said, I can hear how I might have gotten in mixed up. Can you?

Official Video

Can you hear the misheard lyrics in this Sold Gold Performance?

Favorite Lyric

“What’s the point of robbery if nothing is worth taking?”

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