We Are One

catMy cat D.B. (short for Dust Ball) and I were so close it was like he was my familiar. He seemed to know when I needed him near. He’d recognize my car and come running home. He was a great little black and white cat that I still miss. This is a poem I wrote in 1984 for him.

My small one
lies purring by my side.
His soft, warm fur
is pleasing to touch.
His cute little ears
twitch when I blow on them.
He dreams and
as he dreams his
whiskers twitch, and
I say
“I love you.”
The word “love” is
expressed with
such deep emotion
it takes my breath away.
He wakes.
His slitted yellow-green
eyes look into mine,
as if to say,
“I love you.”
A short conversation
which lasts eons
passes between our eyes,
our souls.
My friend,
my baby,
my beloved,
We are One.
And though it may
never be expressed
in words,
it is known, and
We are One.

NOTE: That picture is not of D.B. Although I have tons of pictures of him, none of them are in digital format at present. As soon as one is, I’ll switch it out.

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