hendel by hildebrandt

Hendel from The Sword of Shannarra by the Brothers Hildebrandt

Torg is a character from my first novel (working title “Patricia Arian Richfield”). His name has an interesting story: In my copy of The Sword of Shannarra, there was a pull out painting of the characters by the Hildebrandt’s in the center. Their rendering of Hendel looked more like a Torg to me, for some reason. So Torg was born.

I find Torg endearing and the more I write his character, the more complex he becomes. He has a push and pull about him I find compelling to write.

Written October 25, 1988

Short, think dwarfish (as in The Hobbit, not reality). He has a think graying blond, bristly beard and mustache. His nose is bulbous. He enjoys smoking a pipe, its sweet smell is a definite part of his personality. He appears gruff but in his chest beats a heart of gold. His wife of 60 years died of a respiratory disease, which caused her to cough violently. His race of beings is prone to upper respiratory diseases. He and his wife remained childless, although both loved children deeply.

Torg carries a guilt that his wife’s bareness may have been his fault, even though doctors found that it was a physical fault of hers caused by something her mother did during her pregnancy.

He is a healer, and has moderate telekinetic powers … nothing spectacular, but enough to amuse kittens.

His wife’s death was very hard on him. He needs to learn to love again.

His hair is light brown and his eyes are golden brown. He wears earthen browns and greens.

He is very strong and yet surprisingly delicate and gentle when handling things and people — a necessity when healing.