The Veils Between Lovers

veil danceWow, when the muse starts pouring inspiration into you, she really pours it into you. This is the poem that arrived in my mind this morning.

The Veils Between Lovers

A dance of the seven veils
Between me and my lover

The first veil is resistance
Resistance to what we want
Resistance born of past heart break

The second veil is fantasy
Dreams about each other that
Neither of us can fulfill

Veil three is reticence
Another type of fear
Born of previous wrong decisions

Veil four is misunderstandings
We misinterpret each other’s actions
And throw up the veil for protection

Veil number five is self doubt
Are we really meant to be?
Or is this just a fleeting moment?
An oasis along the journey to our true love?
Are we really in the clutches of Circe?
Or have we found a lasting love?

The sixth veil is fire and fear
It throws up a last, hot, burning wall
To test our resolve

Many lovers never make it to veil the sixth
They give up,
     move on,
          choose another dancer

The seventh veil is sweet surrender
The last diaphanous barrier between us
The one that holds delicious restraint
And when it is cast to the floor of the bed chamber
At last we lovers can be as one
Lost in each other’s loving embrace

How many times have I danced for my lover
And left still draped in veils?

Photo Credit: Nico Nelson via photo pin cc

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3 comments on “The Veils Between Lovers”

  1. carmap

    Mai … great idea. I’ve never done that before … probably because I haven’t been there before. But his year has been one of self-healing, self-discovery and, in the process, an uncovering of how spiffy I really think I am. I’d date me! I’ll work on that and get back to you.

    Cindy … what a cool idea. I’ll have to put that in my tickler file. I might need to be a little further in my journey to do such a book justice … but I know I’m on my way!

  2. aMAIzing

    Lovely veils Carma. You are so poetic. Will you write a poem about “me and my lover” (but this time the lover is me.) I hunger to read and soak in the rapture and love and the waiting for me to fall madly in love with myself. Got anything in that genre?

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