The Girl in the Doorway

nairobi meyersI found it! The snippet I told you about in the Nairobi Meyers sketch. Here ya go!

She stood in the doorway. Her right hand was holding a weapon, her left was on the door frame. Her eyes flamed. Just by the way she stood, you could tell of her anger. Her vertical pupils pulsed with emotion. Hate diffused through the room from her direction.

“Which one of you scum,” she spat the word out as if its flavor displeased her,” killed my father?”

She was answered by silence. She cocked the pistol in her hand and aimed it at each and every man sitting at the bar. Nothing but fear registered in their eyes, until she came upon the last man.

He sat defiantly looking into her eyes. He was massive. Stubble blurred his chiseled face. He was calm.

“Kill me. Go ahead. You know I was right.”

Her hatred faltered. She recognized this man. He was her brother.

“You didn’t have to kill him!”

She said, hatred accented every syllable. She lowered her weapon and left. He turned around in his seat and ordered another drink. The bar took a few more minutes to follow suit.

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