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Aroma of Coffee


© daniel mauch via PhotoXpress.com

The irony of it all — the very first short story I got published isn’t much like the body of my work. It is a piece of “mundane” fiction; not speculative fiction.

Sally couldn’t drink coffee, but she loved the smell. So much so that each morning before work she would have breakfast in the coffee shop on the first floor of the building at which she worked.

She would arrive shortly after they had opened, to experience the slow, dreamy awakening of the rich, spicy, coffee aroma. She would order her usual blueberry scone with a regular sized cup of hot cocoa and cozy into the corner reading a mystery or science fiction novel.

Some days, Sally would have lunch at the coffee shop, too. She called it her “mid-day fix.” Her usual repast was a pizza bagel or turkey sandwich accompanied by a cup of herbal tea, for caffeine was a nemesis to her system. It made her feel tired, and if she drank too much it made her stomach acidy and also gave her a headache, similar to a hangover, but without the pleasurable buzz beforehand.


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