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Recently I was blessed to experience a connectedness with another person that was so intense it took my breath away. It was a connectedness I haven’t felt in a very long time (if ever). It was a connectedness that was spiritual, emotional and physical all at the same time. And, […]

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What is love?

ChantallI just got my Catherine Ponder newsletter, Keys to Prosperity, in the mail today and it opened with this quote:

“God measures souls by their capacity for entertaining His best angel, love.”

Interesting, especially since this morning’s angel card for me was Chantall, whose meaning is “New romance is imminent – either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving love.”

Also interesting since now that I’m officially a free woman … my divorce was final on Jan. 3 … I’m starting to date again. I’ve already met a couple of great guys and there are other potentials floating around, too.

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My love, like …

Another in the series of love poems I wrote in 1988. My love, like the wind,      flows through all. My love, like the ocean,      encompasses a large expance. My love, like the sun,      warms me through           and through. My love, like sand,      is infinite, or           seemingly so. My love,      my […]

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My Love

This poem was written in February 1988 during a time when I was writing a lot of love poetry. My Love is as sweet as      the nectar of the honeysuckle      the laughing call of gulls      the soft breath of a babe He is as pleasant as      the sun upon my […]

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One Violet Rose

This poem was written Feb. 16, 1991. I suddenly had an image of a light purple rose lying on a pillow and created this. One Violet Rose laid upon my pillow as I came waltzing in on a string of      a thought           a wish My love,      Thank you for your […]

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This poem was written Feb. 20, 1991. You are most beautiful And my love for you      is strong As strong as the stone      from which you are made Voluptuous      and cold Smooth      and hard Your marble curves      carefully           lovingly made from the images      of a dream In the image of […]

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