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Cheesy Poetry

brieMy next speech for Toastmasters is “Speaking to Entertain” … I have to be humorous for 15-20 minutes. Ug.

Anyway, I thought I might do it on food, so was looking for some interesting quotes about food and found this:

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
G.K. Chesterton

Well, never one to back away from a writing challenge, I came up with one in about 5 minutes. Could it be the very first poem about cheese?

Ah, the joy of brie,
so good with a cup of tea
the flavor so smokey
…on toast? How hokey!
Yes, that’s the cheese for me!

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52 Haiku Week 15

This weekend was cooler than the previous weekend, but still hot here in Phoenix. This is where I drew my inspiration for today’s haiku: April showers, not here in Phoenix. It’s quite hot. Miss California Originally posted on 52 Haiku

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52 Haiku Week 14

This week’s haiku is inspired by the first experience with fireflies, back when I was living in Baltimore. I was enraptured by them and still feel the thrill when I think about them. Lighting bugs outside blink like Christmas tree lights while they search for a mate Originally posted on […]

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52 Haiku Week 12

On Saturday, I heard a self-made millionaire speak. He talked about life being filled with choices and how you move toward your goal by always making the choices that lead you there. That’s what inspired this week’s haiku. Choices fill your life The moment of truth is here Which road […]

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