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Loyal to the garden

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed I was working for a computer company that had a big office building with very few people working in it. Some of my friends from past jobs worked there. I was … Continue reading

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Adrenaline Junky

I just found this little story idea from a dream I had in February 1998. It’s a ghost story about a spirit who feeds off the fear and adrenaline given off by people who are risk takers. He, in life, … Continue reading

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Fear Filled

Written in 1983. Shadows of images. Images of shadows. Ghost of my nightmare. Monster of my dream. Who are you who hides in my closet? Why do you stalk me? My veins are filled with fear of you. But then, … Continue reading

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For this poem, I created a specific syllable structure. It another experiment in structured poetry. It is not based on a real dream. I dreamed I was in a desert, alone. The wind swept dust all about me, but I … Continue reading

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