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Dragon Speech

I collect dragons. I have more dragons in my collection than I have space to display them in the manner they deserve. Therefore, when it came time to do my visual aids speech back when I was earning my Competent Toastmaster award, I chose to base it on a book that I loved, The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickinson. I think you’ll enjoy it. I had received the book as a Christmas present and I enjoyed reading it so much I actually finished it in about two days (I’m a slow reader, so that’s saying something).

traveling salt merchantImagine yourself a traveling salt merchant on the coasts of England in times past. Today, you travels bring you to a seemingly deserted rural village. All the doors and windows are barred shut. There is a warm breeze, a bit too warm for this time of year. You keep on going, though, now you are more cautious. All the fields near the village are dry. As you get farther away from the village, the crops get blacker. Pretty soon they are nothing but ashes. Cattle are torn apart and strewn everywhere. Charred, black skeletons are all that is left of the dwellings. As you look upon this scene, your mind wonders to the legends you heard as a child. Stories of what had happened to villages like this. Tales of … dragons.

fire-breathing dragonThere are three ways of looking at the dragon:

1) They are completely legendary;

2) They are mostly legendary, but are created from second hand accounts of crocodiles and other large lizards; and

3) They really existed.

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