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The Apple

Written in 1983. Cobwebs hang from the drawers. The empty seat      covered with dust sits abandoned      by the desk. Death      now sits here looking at thirty desks      aligned in six rows. No more do children laugh      in this place. No more does teacher teach      the students. The Apple      perfectly red […]

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Written in 1984, this is another expression of my grief of losing my grandmother. Loss. A missing piece of the puzzle. A knot in the throat. A Demon in the gut. An unfulfilled need. A missing. A not there. A silent scream. Anger.      Grief.           Deprivement. A barrier to cross      some […]

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Cheating death

What would happen if a person who repeatedly contemplated suicide but never went through with it faced death for real? I cheated Death when I first contemplated suicide at the age of five. But Death won’t be cheated for long. So here I stand, at the age of 20, smirking […]

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