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Shades of Love

Written Feb. 27, 1992. You looked at me      as if I was a person      as if I was beautiful      as if I mattered You, who were to hold my first born      and smile           but were torn too soon                away from life You, who in my mourning      were a bright star […]

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Paradise Is

Written Feb. 26, 1992. Paradise is      space           to grow           to expand           to soar                like a bird      wind           in my hair           in my wings           in my sails                pushing me along the sea Paradise is      the warmth           of the sun                caressing my skin                     gently      freedom to be           anything I want                including nothing […]

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Modern Day Prometheus

Written Feb. 24, 1992. High upon a mountain my heart waits for you chained to a rock      like Faye awaiting Kong Then they come picking and rending pieces of my heart They fly away      like vultures      with bits of Promethean liver      hanging from their mouths I endure      For how can […]

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