Special Reports

An Introduction to Alchemy
A quick introduction to alchemy and its history. This essay answers

  • What is alchemy?
  • What do alchemists wish to accomplish? And,
  • what was alchemy’s role in the evolution of chemistry?

Available on the Kindle and Nook.

Tell Them a Story Tell Them a Story: How to use storytelling to get more prospects, clients and referrals
This enhanced transcript includes bonus information on opt-in list building, including:

  • The basics of an opt-in bonus list-building system
  • Creating a quality opt-in bonus
  • Creating a “filler” opt-in bonus
How To Fill Up Holes: The Comic Genius of Mel Brooks How to Fill Up Holes: The Comic Genius of Mel Brooks

In May 1986, I watched a marathon of six Mel Brooks films and then wrote this special report about his comedy. This essay discusses the following films:

  • The Producers
  • The Twelve Chairs
  • Blazing Saddles
  • High Anxiety
  • History of the World Part I
  • Silent Movie
  • Young Frankenstein
  • To Be or Not To Be

Available on Kindle and Nook.