Sesno Galler

evil scientist

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Sesno Galler is a character from my first novel (working title “Patricia Arian Richfield”). I got his name from my Chemistry teacher in High School — I took the teacher’s name and twisted it around. He was a teacher in training and I didn’t really like him much. The novel isn’t polished yet and may never see the light of publication, but I still like Sesno … he’s deliciously yucky! Enjoy!

Written October 24, 1988

A tall, thin man with a weasel nose and round, thin metal framed glasses. He has a slightly nasal voice. His eyes are small and opaque blue. They appear as if they were glass eyes rather than real ones.

He is highly intelligent and not a little bit greedy.

He tends to wear brown trousers and a white lab coat.

His hands are long and thin with fingers that are bony and claw like. He is quite dexterous and agile. Spry is a good word as well.

His laughter is quick, nervous and high. He speaks rapidly, but with care. His words are well chosen and can subtly hit you in the face.

He isn’t phased easily, but can be quite impatient with slower wits than his.

He dislikes his family, especially his mother. This manifests itself in his misogynistic tendencies.

His sexuality is tied up in clinical expressions. He tends to see body parts rather than the entire body. He borders on insanity.

When it comes to female captives, he tends to be sadistic. With male captives he remains indifferent.

Mind games are his joy. He likes to test people’s breaking points.

One wishes he would die, but I think it best for him to survive in case of future books should want to be written.

Written November 20, 1993

That’s the way it was with Sesno Galler. He writhed without movement. He slinked … stolidly. You would look at him and he’d seem so normal, possibly “the guy next door.” But then you’d look again, and there’s be something, maybe lurking behind the corners of his smile, that was somehow … wrong, evil.