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winking JesusThis morning, I accidentally hit the space bar in my browser and the list of suggested search terms was as follows:

hollywood walk stars
windows system32 config system
hollywood walk of fame
cuban restaraunts in celebration florida
eating too much
praise the mighty name of jesus
membrane bioreactors and molecular seives
book excerpt charlotte’s web

(The spelling mistakes are not my own.)

This means that the people who entered these search terms … and there would more than one for each term for these to be the top terms … started their search with a space.

Interesting that someone who is interested in membrane bioreactors and molecular seives would have something so simple in common with someone who praises the mighty name of Jesus.

Honestly, who thinks of “praise the mighty name of jesus” as a search term? I’m not dissing the Son of God or anything, nor someone who wants to praise his name, just think that there could be better search terms. Then again, maybe they were looking for a specific text or lyric that had that turn of phrase? Hmmmm.

The mind boggles.

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