pygmalionThis poem was written Feb. 20, 1991.

You are most beautiful
And my love for you
     is strong
As strong as the stone
     from which you are made
     and cold
     and hard
Your marble curves
made from the images
     of a dream

In the image of
     The Goddess
I made you
     and fell for you
Your arms are held out
     to me
Your eyes look lovingly
     into nothingness
I circumnavigate
     your form
and long to be with you

Do you dream?
     Dream of me,
          like I of you?
I enfold you in my arms
And entreat the Goddess
     who you look
          so much alike
to turn me into stone
     loving you
My lips press upon yours
     in anticipation of
the eternal firmness
     of stone
My last kiss
     to last forever

My imagination taunts me
You seem to warm
Are your lips responding?
Your arms enfold me
Your kiss speaks
     of passion
Venus did not answer
     my prayer
     she answered yours