Prelude: Clarissa & Zorin Series

Blood Hunter by Clarissa JonesWay back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were still airing, I came up with an idea that I never pitched. I’m kind of glad I didn’t as the story has really evolved its own mythos and I think will make a nice, mildly humorous series of short stories and novellas. Here’s a short prelude to the first story, which centers around Clarissa first learning about her unique gift and meeting her right hand companion, Zorin — a half-human, half-“demon” were-alien.

Vern dropped the dog-eared paperback novel on the kitchenette table.

Zorin looked up from reading the afternoon paper.

“Have you read this?” Vern said.

Zorin glances at it over the top of his paper.

“No, but I’ve heard of it. It’s been on the New York Times Best Seller list for several weeks now.”

“Do you know what its about?”

“I know its another vampire novel, but I haven’t given it much thought beyond that.”

“Its an accurate history of Johann von Strieber.”

“What?!” Zorin put down his paper and picked up the book. “That can’t be. How could she have done that?”

“Well, she has … and its too accurate for traditional research, Zorin.”

“You mean … ?”

“I suspect she’s a dreamer.”

“But … that’s amazing! There hasn’t been a dreamer born in more than a thousand years!”

“Well, I guess we were about due, then, eh?”

“Yes, but, why would a dreamer do this? Exposing Johann like this is suicide. He’ll hunt her down.”

“I don’t think she knows.”

“How can that be? Dreamers are specially trained.”

“I don’t know. But we have to go find out.”

“Where, then?”

“Phoenix, Arizona.”

“Well, I guess that explains why she’s still alive … the desert is not vampire friendly.”

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