Oh, the places a writer’s mind will go!

murdered pototo

This morning, I went to the restroom to brush my teeth. I work on a university campus, so it was not strange to see a backpack in one of the stalls. What was strange was the complete lack of any noise. No shuffling. No breathing or sighing. Silence.

So, as I’m putting toothpaste (Colgate Total, in case you were curious) on my toothbrush (an Oral-B gift from a dental professional), this thought occurred to me: What if someone stashed a dead body in the stall and put the backpack there to throw people off and prolong the discovery of said body? I mean, the cleaning lady wouldn’t have investigated. No one would. Everyone would assume a student was using the facilities.

Then she flushed.

So, phew! Not a dead body!

But, really? Why did my mind go there? You’d think I was a fiction writer or something.

Oh, wait. I am!