Nairobi Meyers

nairobi meyersI wrote a snippet once that had this character in it. The snippet was powerful enough that the character has been bouncing around my head trying to get a story out. I still don’t know her story yet, but I do have an idea what she is like.

When I find it, I’ll post the snippet, too.

Written February 14, 1989

Tall, average weight, definitely female, voluptuous, but not overweight.

She keeps her afro short. She is of mixed race, but predominately African. Her nose is smallish, like a pixie. Her facial features are fine and beautiful.

Her ears are pierced and she tends to wear hoops and loops in them. Her neck is slender and long. So are her arms and legs. She rarely wears skirts and dresses — tending to wear jeans and a sweater or blouse, which accentuates her chest.

She wears little make up, some eyeliner and a bit of lip gloss.

She’s out going and talkative, laughs a lot. Her voice is medium pitched, pleasant to listen to.

She belongs to the speech team and works for the school paper.

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