Mosquito Ringtones

A few years back, there was this mosquito ringtone going around that supposedly adults can’t hear. In fact, most people over the age of about 21 can’t hear it. Well, not only could I hear it but it was painful.

I could hear it from across a room. My co-workers, who were younger than me but couldn’t hear it, thought it was a hoot to play it over and over and watch me react. How nice. 🙂

Just on a lark, I thought I’d see if I could still hear it. The test showed that I couldn’t hear the 18kHz range, but the 17kHz range was still quite painful. In fact, as I write this, my ears are still ringing. Erg.

Good Ears!
You probably think you will always be able to hear these sounds…you wont!

The highest frequency you can hear is: 17khz
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I guess this is why some people like to call me “bat ears.” And why I just can’t stand to be in a room where the TV is turned on, but the sound is turned off. The whining noise is just so annoying!