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Enter the realm of gothic science fiction.

Lord Vayne is the working title for a novel currently in development. Read on …

The Time: 1863.

The Place: Bucharest, Walachia (what is now a part of Romania).

The Players:

arian donyaRescued from death by an experimental nanite-based therapy, Arian has recently witnessed the slow and horrifying death of her entire family by radiation poisoning. She’s been tortured by scientists, eager to discover how her nanites prevented her death and how far they can protect her. And now, in self-exile from her homeworld Hirth, she has crash-landed on an alien planet (Earth) and must pull herself together and try to blend in.

Once upon a time, Maria and her husband helped Transylvanian refugees escape into Walachia. Now widowed, she craves the excitement they once shared — at once content and bored with her simple peasant existence. She sees Arian’s arrival as an omen for good and tries to help her learn about her new home.

A young, impressionable and often pessimistic goatherd, Radu falls possessively in love with the exotic stranger, Arian. He sees her as a way to escape his dull life. He warns her about Lord Vayne and shadows her when she doesn’t pay him heed. Which leads to bad things happening for everyone.

lord vayneAlso known as Lord Vayne, Nicolae rules the small community in the Carpathian mountains with parental restraint. 200 years ago, he lost his wife, daughter and youngest son to “the fever.” In his grief he attempted suicide, but was crossed over instead. After traveling the world as a vampire, he has returned to the region of his birth to better watch over his descendants.

Story Background:
This story was born out of a question I asked myself while taking a course called “Gothic Imagination in Literature and Film” in college: What would happen if a vampire met someone made immortal by technological means?

Would you like to read some samples snippets?
I’ve been posting short samples from the work in progress. You can find them here.