I’ve joined Web Serial Writing Month

Lord Vayne LogoToday marks the beginning of the 9th annual Web Serial Writing Month. I’ve challenged myself to move forward on a novel I’ve been working on (more off than on) since my undergraduate days.

The working title is Lord Vayne and it is loosely about a star-crossed, ill-fated romance between an alien made immortal by nano-technology and a vampire. You can learn more about the characters and the story here.

I’ve already posted the drafts of the first two chapters to this blog, and an challenging myself to post a chapter a week throughout this month.

I welcome your comments and feedback on my novel. I’ve been inspired to do something like this for years because of Kealan Patrick Burke. Many years ago, he posted weekly the chapters of what eventually became his novel Master of the Moors.

For whatever reason, I never got off my duff and did it. Now, thanks to WeSeWriMo, I’m going to do it!

Here are links to the first two chapters, and expect Chapter 2 by Friday.

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