Inspiration from a License Plate

sweetumsOnce, while we were driving around in Tampa, Fla., a saw a license plate that I immediately jotted down. It was “WUD4OG” … Wood for Og.

The idea struck me: Who is Og? This is what I came up with:

Og is a 7-foot troll. He is kind hearted–the kind of person who rescues butterflies. He is simple–he talks simply, lives simply and likes it that way. He’s not stupid, just uncomplicated.

He is a serf to the Lord of Immediate Lands–the troll’s equivalent to a king–and longs to earn his freedom and chop his own wood and live in a simple cabin in the woods.

He is especially gifted at sculpting with wood. He is an artist who creates fine and intricate objects from the wood.