I Sing the Praise of Publix

publixI know people don’t ordinarily recommend or review grocery stores, but I think this one warrants a mention. If you’ve ever spent some time in Florida, you’ve probably heard of Publix, a grocery store chain found there and in parts of Georgia.

I lived in Florida for a year and a half and have vacationed in various areas of the state, so I’ve shopped several locations of Publix. In all those visits, I have yet to encounter an employee who was not courteous, friendly and helpful. Each branch has been clean, and well-stocked. Each offered a variety of items and selections.

Their deli department offers some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.

The bread is fresh and of just the right firmness. However, if you prefer wheat to white, go earlier in the day because they often run out.

The meat is robust — I recommend the Italian Sub, which has a wonderful blend of spicey and plain flavors.

The cheeses are flavorful. The Italian comes with Provalone, but this is “just a guide” you can chose another flavor or go without.

And I’m just talking about the Publix deli selections — you can also choose to have Boar’s head brand for a slight increase in price.

Every store has an Information Kiosk near the entrance/exit where you can find Public Family Style, their free magazine, which features recipes and work tips, parenting advice, health tips and other family friendly information. You can even request a free subscription sent to your home!