I feel you …

One of my goals for this year is to get better at relationships. Since I kind of failed in my marriage, my goal is to get it right next time. One of the pieces of advice I’ve been following is this: To attract your soul mate, you must feel that your soul mate is already in your life. So, every night, just as I’m falling to sleep, I imagine what it is like to have him there next to me. I believe it is this nightly experience that inspired this morning’s poem.

Soul mate, I hear you call to me
     like a whisper in the wind
     like a murmur in my ear
     like a wail in the night
As I turn over in my sleep
     I feel your spectral arm follow
          around my waist
     I feel your spirit fingers
          caress my curves
     I feel your breath
          at the nape of my neck
And I shiver
     with anticipation
          of our first meeting

Foot Note:
Just so you know, I don’t believe that there is just one soul mate out there for me. There are probably 100s … but I only need one.

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