Dark Warrior for the Light

dark things

Photo © chrisharvey / PhotoXpress.com

I was watching Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness this past weekend when this snippet of a poem came to me. Over the next day, it grew into the beginning of a story. I’m not sure where it will go, but I share t with you here … if you like it, maybe I’ll complete it.

Beyond the time I can remember, my world has been trapped in twilight.

Well, actually, not the entire world.

Long ago a terrible magic was unleashed on my planet that threw off its spin. From that time forth, one side always faces the sun, baked in daylight, scorched. The other side is steeped in night, frozen. Those who survived are forced to live in the dusk and twilight between the two sides. Never quite day, never quite night.

But there is a tale of one mighty warrior who will one day save us all …

He who does dark things
in the name of the light
but doesn’t let the darkness consume him
Will be the one who turns back the night
And deliver us all from dim

OK, I know that last line needs some work … but not bad for a first draft, eh?