Conquering Mythologies

I’m currently reading The Mythology of Supernatural by Nathan Robert Brown … I’m reviewing it for both The New York Journal of Books and one of my blogs, The Genre Traveler.

In the section about Lilith, it talks about the exile elements of Lilith myths:

“So why would the ancient scribes make a point of writing a story in which Lilith is exiled …? The answer is that she was likely the ruling deity of a popular cult from some preexisting culture group. And just as Lilith was defeated by a new pantheon of gods and goddesses, so were her followers defeated by a conquering society.”

This got me to thinking …

What if Earth was conquered by an alien species, a la Falling Skies? What if these aliens had their own religious beliefs? Would a new mythology arise that told of how their God/Gods conquered and exiled ours? Since Earth has so many religions, would several mythological tales arise to cover all the theological points of view?

Brown goes on to say:

“This exile element of the first-known Lilith myth could have been intended to send a very strong message to Lilith’s followers: ‘Your goddess is no longer in the city. If you want to worship her, then you will have to leave.'”

Of course, much of this myth building was do to the fact that the rulers of each culture claimed to be a God or at least descended from a God, which we don’t have today. So such myth-building may not be necessary to subjugate us Earthlings.

But, I still think it might make an interesting read to create such a fictional mythology and then tell a story of how these new myths affected the further development of human culture. What do you think?

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