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Approaching Obstacles

Leonardo da Vinci wrote: “Every obstacle is destroyed through vigor.” I don’t believe you need to expend energy destroying every obstacle in your path. Sometimes you should be like water and flow around the obstacle. There are often more paths to your goal. If one path is obstructed, sometimes it […]

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Give Pumpkins a Chance

Why is that when all a person has tried is a pumpkin pie, this same person professes to dislike pumpkins? Have they considered that it might be something else about the pie they don’t like? Or possibly that the combination of pumpkin with cinnamon is what they object to? Maybe, […]

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My First Firefly

I saw my first live firefly last night. It was really cool. I had always imagined that the light they blinked would be greenish yellow, like that glow-in-the-dark paint. But it is not — it is bright fire orange yellow. For the short while that they were blinking their lights, […]

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