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Appreciating Art

My mother and I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 1995. This scene was taken from a glimpse of a group of people there. “This painting is amazing,” she said, looking closely at the arms of a woman lounging across the canvas. “The flesh tones are so […]

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Cheating death

What would happen if a person who repeatedly contemplated suicide but never went through with it faced death for real? I cheated Death when I first contemplated suicide at the age of five. But Death won’t be cheated for long. So here I stand, at the age of 20, smirking […]

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I came up with this while walking to the Metro station from work. “Stop that, Vermilion. You are digging your claws into my shoulder.” The small dragon shifted its weight, again, upon April’s shoulders. She dipped her tiny head toward April’s ear and made a soft, friendly hissing sound. “That’s […]

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