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Lord Calgon

Remember these commercials from the 1970s?

Well, that famous “Calgon, take me away!” line inspired a fantasy story I’m working on. Here’s the opening.

Angelica hated Fridays more than any other day of the week. It was always the longest day. She worked for four hours in the morning, went to school in the afternoon, and took care of the twins in the evening. The third chore not only was a strain on her emotional well being, it strained her social life as well.

Friday is the day that people go out to party. It is the prime date day. Its the day that people finally get to relax after a hectic week. But not so for Angelica. Her parents belonged to a club that met every Friday night, and it was Angelica’s job, as eldest child, to take care of Rodney and Rebbecca.

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Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Human Fax

Konstantin Feoktistov, a former Soviet cosmonaut, … pointed out that it might be possible someday soon to “download” the entire contents of a human brain into a computer, the way a file on a PC can be transferred onto a floppy disk, and broadcast it to a robot in a remote star system. After a few days or years of exposure to this strange world, the surrogate brain would “fax” its new information back to earth and its original owner.

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Kicked Out

I was kicked out of my home by my stepmother during Christmas vacation 1984. I was told I was going to move in with my mother my New Year’s day. This vignette is my experience and my imagining of what was going on in my Dad’s mind at the time. […]

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The Red House

This is a response to “The Red House” by Marc Chagall (right). It was an assignment in a creative writing class I took at Santa Rosa Junior College. She stands in the door sill wishing, wanting, but, alas, not having. Beneath the floating oxen, he watches her, wishing, wanting, but, […]

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