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baby jesus

Christmas Story

I have this idea for a time travel Christmas story. It is still in the concept formation stages, but I have an opening I’d like to share with you …. Gabriel, the lead character, is obsessed with going back in time to see Christ’s birth in person. When he finally makes it, he discovers something that shatters his faith at first, but over the course of the story regains it with a deeper understanding of God and the Universe.

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Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Human Fax

Konstantin Feoktistov, a former Soviet cosmonaut, … pointed out that it might be possible someday soon to “download” the entire contents of a human brain into a computer, the way a file on a PC can be transferred onto a floppy disk, and broadcast it to a robot in a remote star system. After a few days or years of exposure to this strange world, the surrogate brain would “fax” its new information back to earth and its original owner.

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Blood Hunter by Clarissa Jones

Prelude: Clarissa & Zorin Series

Way back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were still airing, I came up with an idea that I never pitched. I’m kind of glad I didn’t as the story has really evolved its own mythos and I think will make a nice, mildly humorous series of short stories and novellas. Here’s a short prelude to the first story, which centers around Clarissa first learning about her unique gift and meeting her right hand companion, Zorin — a half-human, half-“demon” were-alien.

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