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Name limerick

I just found this limerick I wrote many years ago based on a co-workers name. I hope you enjoy it! There once was a lady named Janine Who was the antithesis of mean Like the poem, she was nice Made of sugar and spice, And everyone thought she was keen

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Recently I was blessed to experience a connectedness with another person that was so intense it took my breath away. It was a connectedness I haven’t felt in a very long time (if ever). It was a connectedness that was spiritual, emotional and physical all at the same time. And, […]

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Missing you …

missing youSomehow I knew that guy I met New Year’s day would inspire poetry. I just didn’t think it would take this long to manifest. But I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder … or is that distressed? I sometimes forget.

At first I thought it would be his unique artistic photographs that would inspire the words to flow. I kept a few on my hard drive for inspiration. I look at them and feel the words just beyond the veil, like a caterpillar locked insides its chrysalis, not quite ready to be a butterfly.

But then life got in the way of us getting to know each other better and I began to miss the company I hadn’t quite developed. Strange how that works out, eh?

And so, as I took a break from a task this evening that I didn’t want to be doing anyway, the words started to flow … and this is the result. What do you think?


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My first couplet

Well, actually, I’ve probably written couplets before … just not on purpose. In my Long Beach Writing Examiner column today, I wrote about couplets. And just for fun, in the section about couplets in Long Beach, I wrote it in the form of a couplet. When searching for couplets in […]

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