heart omRecently I was blessed to experience a connectedness with another person that was so intense it took my breath away. It was a connectedness I haven’t felt in a very long time (if ever). It was a connectedness that was spiritual, emotional and physical all at the same time. And, for the past two weeks I’ve felt this poem trying to emerge. So I finally sat down last night and wrote it. I hope you enjoy it.


You took my breath away
and transported me to a place of bliss and beauty
a place of love and acceptance

I saw your heart and soul
and they are divine, radiant, inspiring

For the first time, I surrendered without effort
relaxed and flowed with the waves of rapture
and came face to face with parts of myself I thought were lost

You opened a door that I didn’t know existed
and gave me the key
hung delicately on a platinum chain
around my slender neck

My breath returned
filled with luminous light
and my body tingles still with the memory

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