Beauty and the Incubus

incubusI came up with this idea in December of 2011, while reading Juliet Dark’s Demon Lover. I really need to start writing this one. Just this little description makes me want to read it. What about you?


A little girl watches her friend stolen away by faeries and suffers nightmares from it all her life. People have told her it was all in her imagination, that her friend was the victim of a robbery gone wrong.

Now, in her twenties her nightmares are being replaced by semi-erotic dreams of a handsome man.

She eventually learns that this man is her long-lost friend, who, being enchanted by the Fairy Queen, is now an incubus … cursed to haunt the dreams of women searching for his one true love.

She must find some way to save him … but that can only happen if she falls in love … true love … with her long-lost friend.