Appreciating Art

Getty MuseumMy mother and I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 1995. This scene was taken from a glimpse of a group of people there.

“This painting is amazing,” she said, looking closely at the arms of a woman lounging across the canvas. “The flesh tones are so realistic.”

“I think her diapers need changing,” he said. “She’s fussy and I think I feel dampness.” He shifted the baby in his arms to ease the strain in his joints.

“Let me look at her.” She sticks her finger up the leg of the diaper. “Yep. Here, I’ll take her to the restroom and change her.”

They place the baby in the stroller and saunter off toward the restroom.

“This museum sure is incredible,” he said. “You can’t possibly see everything in one visit.

“I know. Thank you for bringing me. I’m having such a wonderful birthday.”

They kiss and then part as they go to the ladies’ and men’s restrooms.