An itch to collaborate

At this point, I’ve had several guests on The Genre Traveler Podcast who have collaborated on projects with another writer. These included a mother-son team, a horror writer, and a duo writing under a single pen name.

I once collaborated on a very short story during a summer school class and remember that it was really fun. And another time I played a collaborative story game with an email pen pal. But the pen pal dropped off the planet in the middle of the story, so it never got finished.

Now, after hearing about all these wonderful collaborative projects, I’m getting the itch to find a writing partner, as well. And this time, I’d like it to result in something salable.

I think it might be interesting to have a male writing partner. We could do a couple of stories … one where I write the female character and he writes the male character. And then another where we switch and I write from the male POV and he writes the female POV. It think it would be interesting to see if any one could tell which book we took which role.

I’ve had my fiction on hold for so long (long story), that I’m really itching to get the cobwebs out and start working on it again. Of course, I need to complete my current non-fiction projects first. But it has occurred to me that if I had a writing partner, it might help me ease back in. I wouldn’t have to put the full weight of the story on my own shoulders.

So, I wonder how I go about finding this writing partner? 🙂