A Letter from Mars

marsWritten June 17, 2004:

My Dearest Family,

I’m sorry I haven’t written you since I left home, but I’ve been quite busy. Tom and I had a lovely time on our honeymoon in the Asteroid Belt. The many places to see and to eat are fabulous. I was going to write you when we got to our hotel, but I got caught up in so many activities that I didn’t have time.

When we got to Mars, Tom and I had no time to spare to even go out to eat. We’ve been building a lovely three story house here. Today, we got the last of our stuff moved in. I’m very tired, but before I make dinner for us, I wanted to let you know how I’m doing. I’m going to mail this letter tomorrow morning, so don’t worry if it gets there a day later than what you have calculated from my date.

How’s life been with you since I’ve been gone? You don’t know how much I appreciated the wedding you put on for me. It was such a lovely April wedding!

Give my love to Ben and father. I hope Chichi hasn’t clawed the furniture.

Love you, mamá.


Your Daughter,


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